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How Stress Affects Your Sleep

Tired but wired? Learn the science behind stress and sleep, and how to reverse the impacts of stress on your shuteye.

Is It Good to Have a High Heart Rate During a Workout?

Here's what you need to know about your workout heart rate, including the benefits and drawbacks of having a high heart rate during exercise.

The Oura Q&A: Human Performance Coach Andy Walshe, PhD

Human performance expert, coach, and Oura advisor Andy Walshe, PhD, shares how to unlock your full potential using Oura along the way.

How Late-Night Eating Can Impact Your Sleep

Late-night eating? Not so fast. Learn how a midnight meal can harm your sleep, and what to choose if you must grab a bite before bed.

After a Tragic Loss, Rhonda C. Used Oura to Guide Her Healing

A 51-year-old gym owner, this member experimented with strategies and habits to improve her sleep, menopause symptoms, and overall health.

The Benefits of Morning Sunlight & How to Make it a Habit

Morning sun exposure is a research-backed way to feel more alert and sleep better. The best part? All you need is 5-10 minutes.

This Pharmacist Uses Oura to Sleep Better Despite Challenging Shift Work

After 13 years of shift work, Linda knows the importance of a good night's sleep. Here's how she uses Oura to help.

Your Mindset Matters: How to Build Resilience to Stress with a Growth Mindset

Stress is a fact of life – but how you view and approach stress can empower you to harness it for good.


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What are Nike's Best Shoes for CrossFit?

CrossFit athletes are versatile, and every workout brings a new strength and conditioning challenge. To become a better athlete, you'll want the right CrossFit shoes. Here are the key features to look out for.
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What Maternity Workout Clothes Do I Need?

Here's your guide for how to find comfortable maternity workout clothes you can wear from prenatal through postpartum workouts.
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4 Tips on How to Exercise During Your Period

When that time of the month hits, working out. can lose its appeal. But getting active regulates the hormones responsible for PMS, helping you feel and function at your best.
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Is Yoga a Cardio or Strength Training Exercise?

Yoga can build strength, calm the mind and improve markers of cardiovascular fitness. But it greatly depends on what type you practice, and how.
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How Strength Training Can Improve You Metabolism

A well-designed strength-training program not only builds muscle and strength but can also bolster the metabolism and help you burn more fat.
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4 Cute Workout Outfits for Women

No matter what kind of workout you've got planned, check out these easy tips to score an extra dose of motivation with these cute gym outfits ideas.
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How to Run Longer Without Getting Tired

This is what's causing. you to feel fatigued a mile into your run. Here's everything you need to know about how to run for longer without getting tired.
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Cardio vs HIIT: What Are the Benefits of Each?

Are duration and intensity the only things that differ between steady-state cardio and HIIT? What are the benefits of each?

Freelance Health/Fitness Content

Man Smoking

How Teens Can Cope with An Instant Gratification Society - Soul Shall Overcome

In a world of immediate gratification and constant dopamine hits, many teens struggle to put "pleasure" on the back burner.
Bodybuilders flexing their biceps

What Does IFBB Pro Shaun Clarida Eat In A Day?

Ever wondered what a pro bodybuilder eats in a day? You've come to the right place.
Woman celebrating after biking to the top of a mountain

The 12 Hidden Metrics That Tell You if Your Life Id Going Well or Not

Forget money and accolades; these are the hidden - more accurate indicators of a good life
Woman exercising in hot pink workout set

WTF Is Hypertrophy in Fitness? An Expert Explains

The word hypertrophy pops up a lot in fitness - but what is it and do you need it for your fitness goals? Here's what you need to know.
Two hand reach for one another

Living With a Partner Who Has Sleep Apnea

For many, being close with your partner seems challenging. It all comes down to what happens between the sheets (or what doesn't happen).
Woman showing up her abs

The Forgotten Role of Micronutrients in Body Recomposition- Breaking Muscle

When it comes to talking about food and dieting in the fitness industry, one term you hear over and over is macronutrients. It's lesser discussed counterpart- micronutrients - are the topic for today's piece
Woman holding her stomach in pain

7 Ways to Treat and Prevent Indigestion Naturally - alive magazine

Your complete source for natural health and wellness
Group workout class

Here's How Fitness Improves Mental Health - Gold's Gym

Charles Darwin with head sliced open exposing a brain filled with text

How Writers Can Use Epistemic Humility To Write Better Content

Controversy gets clicks. But humility builds an audience.
Woman rock climbing

Here's How Deontological Ethics Will Make You Never Miss A Workout Again: Duty vs, Emotion

Focusing on the inherent moral value of action over motivation will keep you consistent.
Woman with abs standing in front of dark background

How to Intensify Your At-Home Bodyweight Workout - Breaking Muscle

It's more important than ever to understand. how to adapt your training to keep getting results.
Strong man working out

Work Out Smarter: 3 Keys to Maximizing Muscle Growth

If you want to maximize your ability to grow muscle, you better make sure these 3 key principles are in every single one of your workout routines!

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