Corporate wellness programs are becoming more popular and common in the workplace, with 87 percent of employers committed to workplace wellness and 73 percent offering a wellness program according to an SFM survey

Here are three reasons why you should start a corporate wellness scheme:

1. Increases company profit

A systematic review that examined the impact of overweight and obesity in the workplace in over 50 studies concluded that these conditions caused significant productivity loss and cost to businesses. This was largely due to absenteeism; the excess costs associated with an overweight employee were up to $161 and with an obese employee were up to $1586.


Obesity was associated with more frequent and higher costing insurance claims, ranging up to $707 per employee in excess compared to a healthy employee. A study found that overweight employees file twice the number of workers’ compensation claim and have significantly higher medical claims; so it’s no surprise that overweight employees cost their employers an estimated $73.1 billion per year.


This will ultimately dent company profits, particularly when it’s taken into consideration that up to 40 percent of the US is currently obese. It’s time to act now.


2. Increases employee productivity

There are numerous ways a weight loss challenge will boost employee productivity. Firstly, productivity is statistically lower in overweight and obese employees according to research. 


A study that examined productivity in more than 10,000 employees across 49 different sectors, found that obese employees were 29 percent more likely than healthy employees to be 30 percent less productive when asked about an average work day.


Having excess body fat can cause brain fog or depression which contributes to a decreased productivity in the workplace. Exercise increases productivity which has been shown in numerous studies, due to a boost of endorphins, mental clarity and increased blood flow to the brain.



3. Happy employees, happy business

Employees are at the root of all businesses, regardless of the sector. According to the AFLAC 2012 Workforce report, employees who took part in a workplace wellness program like a weight loss challenge, felt happier with their jobs.

One survey found that employees who eat healthy are 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance, and those who exercise for at least 30 minutes three times per week are 15 percent more likely to have a higher job performance. Research shows that statistically, overweight and obese workers take more sick days and are less productive.


A weight loss challenge can be very motivating for a lot of individuals who may not have been provided this opportunity before; which can help to create company loyalty, increased productivity and a sense of inclusive community within the company.


If an employee feels as though their employer cares about their physical and mental health as well as their work performance, they are more likely to feel content with their position and be a positive influence in the workforce.

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