What Is Online Coaching?

Online coaching combines 3 services: a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a wellness coach. 

Step 1 - Initial consultation

During the initial consultation - your health and wellness goals, current diet, lifestyle, emotional status, medical history, symptoms will be assessed through an in-depth intake form. With the collected information that you provide me, I create a protocol that includes, dietary, lifestyle and supplement implementations that are best suited for your goals to restore balance back in your body.

Step 2 - Creation of personalized plans

After the initial consultation, I will then create a meal plan, a workout plan and any wellness advice like a hormone balancing guide, gut health or supplementing advice. These plans will be completely unique to your specific health profile and goals and extremely in-depth (the meal plan alone is usually 30+ pages - more info below).

Step 3 - First check in

After trying the plans for the first week we will then have a check in to discuss how you're finding it and if you have any questions or adjustments you'd like me to make (these are all included!). Also note that I am at your service every day via email.

Step 4 and ongoing - Coaching

Most coaching lasts between 8-12 week per stage. If you are doing specific stages like a bulk and cut or a hypertrophy and strength - then these take longer. We will have a weekly catch up via the phone to assess your progress and make any adjustments.

What will the meal plan include?

  • A 7 day meal plan

  • Information specific to your health profile e.g. BMI, BMR, LBM etc.

  • Information on macronutrients and how to track them

  • A grocery shopping list

  • Recipes

  • Tips for diet adherence

  • Anything specific to your goals e.g. information about fat loss, muscle building, IBS etc.

What will the workout plan include?

  • A weeks worth of workouts at a time, that will be changed during the program

  • Tips on form and technique

  • Videos of each exercise

  • Specific rep and set ranges for your goals

  • Cardio routines (LISS and HIIT)

  • Weights workouts

  • Stretching routines

  • Tips to workout for your goals


What will the wellness plan include?

  • This depends on you specifically. If you are having gut problems for example, I will include information on how to heal your gut

  • Any wellness advice is meant to optimise your health and wellbeing so can be in the form of having more sleep, improving your skin or relieving excess stress.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to email me here at emilinalomas@outlook.com.