Copywriting is essential for advertisements and marketing campaigns, as well as for product and packaging.  


Emilina is an expert copywriter with real credentials in health and fitness. She is able to grasp the science behind the story, and deliver it in a digestible way. This brings authority to your health or wellness brand.


An effective SEO strategy will get you in front of the right audience, generating organic leads.

Emilina conducts extensive keyword research and trend analysis on every project.


This information is used to write search engine optimized content to boost your site's search engine ranking.


A successful blog brings in 67% more leads? Your customers want to learn about your product and connect with your brand.

Blogs are a perfect way to explain your product or services to a potential customer, without sounding salesy or pushing an agenda.


Emilina creates SEO optimized blog posts and articles that will boost your site's ranking and share invaluable content with your customer base.


Wondering how to write a Facebook ad that converts? Or how to write a LinkedIn thought piece that appeals to a prospective employer?

Social media management includes writing posts, paid ads, engagement, growth and creative direction.

This option is a must for any blogger or influencer looking to expand their reach by better connecting with their audience.

Should you hire a health and fitness copywriter?

  • You have a great product or service, but you're not making sales.

  • You are strapped for time, but want to keep getting regular content out.

  • You want to build loyalty and create a community in the health and wellness industry.

  • You prefer to focus on the 'bigger picture'. You don't want to spend time copywriting.

  • You need to hire a professional copywriter for PR or product manufacturing. You need error-free work!

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