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Discover what’s new on the blog.

From debunking TikTok diet tips to analyzing the latest research paper, you’ll find it all, and more on my blog.

Woman in a yoga pose

The Benefits of Yoga For All: Mental Health, Exercise Recovery, and More!

Female stomach in black and white

98% of People With Eating Disorders Have A Gut Disorder - Here’s Why Cutting Out Gluten and Dairy Might Make Gut Health Worse

Wellness writer, Emilina Lomas, flipping through wellness books

Meet the writer.

Emilina Lomas

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m a health writer, health coach, and published author. In short, I’m obsessed with health and wellness, and writing is the way that I connect with the world. My work can be seen in Nike, Oura Ring, CNBC, Business Insider, Muscle & Strength,,, and more.

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