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Gut Healthy, Mind Happy

Heal your gut using nutrition and mindfulness. Tap into the gut-brain axis as you follow a three-step protocol to combat inflammation and dysbiosis, nourishing your gut, and deepening the mind-body connection. Plus, 50+ delicious gut health recipes to make at home.

Health author, Emilina, holding her latest book - Gut Healthy, Mind Happy
Emilina Lomas thinking about her next fitness blog post idea

Ready to heal your gut?

“Gut Healthy, Mind Happy” uses evidence-based protocols to combat inflammation, gut dysbiosis, bloating, and other GI issues. By tapping into the mind-gut connection, you can heal your gut. Oftentimes, we forget that our gut is our second brain, producing many vital hormones, absorbing nutrients, and regulating our immune response. So to heal your gut, you have to understand the gut-brain axis, and how to create balance. This holistic approach to gut health is what helps many beat bloating, overcome food intolerances, and restore their vitality.

Your journey to a healed and healthy gut starts now.

Learn how to restore your gut health in three easy steps.

Cover of Emilina's new book, Gut Healthy Mind Happy

Feel your gut

You’ll learn about the power of the gut-brain axis, the basic science of digestive health, what causes poor gut health, and how to better tune into your body’s signals.


Fuel your gut

You'll follow a nutritionist-recommended diet protocol. This protocol has been scientifically proven to treat dysbiosis, combat bloating, and restore gut health when followed precisely.


Heal your gut

You'll discover the best and worst foods for gut health and get 50 nourishing gut health recipes that have been created by a gut health specialist.

What will you gain from reading it?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your body’s various systems.
  • Beat bloating, stomach pain, and GI issues.
  • 50+ delicious gut health recipes.
Fitness science expert, Emilina Lomas, resting before her next workout
  • Adopt a holistic approach to your healing.
  • Improve mental clarity and cognitive function.
  • Access to a gut health community and free resources.

Order your copy today

Your gut microbiome is your body’s ecosystem. For a healthy and happy body and mind, you have to start with gut healing. Follow a science-backed gut health program, have access to 50+ gut health recipes, and join an online community for ongoing support.

Customer holding Gut Healthy Mind Happy book by Emilina Lomas
Health writer, Emilina Lomas, posing with her new book
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