After leaving my consulting job at a Fortune 100 company, I chose to follow my passion and pursue a career as a health writer. I have an academic background in the sciences, and thanks to my corporate experience, I discovered my ability to convert complex science, theories and research into easily digestible stories and concepts.


I received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition from a top London University, fueled by a fascination to demystify health; using science to prove and words to share.


I don't like random health claims. I prefer linking my evidence as an embedded link - better right? I believe that if more people understood the truth and science behind the claims made in the health, fitness and food industry, more people would be healthier and happier. As a freelance health writer, it’s my mission to share the truth, on behalf of you or your brand.


I’m a London girl born and raised, but am now enjoying life in a beautiful little beach town called San Clemente in Southern California. I have a husky named Dima, am an avid podcast listener, a fitness enthusiast and a self-proclaimed wellness junkie.


  • Two degrees from the 4th highest ranked University in the United Kingdom and 15th in the world

  • Qualified nutritionist (BSc, MSc + A.Nutr.)

  • Qualified personal trainer (REPs)

  • Globally published writer

  • Certified in The Science of Wellness by Yale University

  • Certified in Advanced Search Engine Optimization by University of California, Davis

  • Published fitness model

  • Contributor to the Obesity Prevention Foundation of America